Behind The Design: Armenian Jewelry Collection

Behind The Design: Armenian Jewelry Collection

While jewelry is, at its core, something beautiful you accessorize with, we know that sometimes a simple necklace or pair of earrings can be so much more. Each piece we wear holds a story – whether it’s a necklace passed down through generations or a special gift you bought for yourself. And at Stakora, we believe that every piece of jewelry becomes infinitely more valuable when it has meaning. That’s why for our latest collection, we looked to the rich history and time-honored traditions of Armenia for inspiration. 

Armenia is a country with over 2,500 years of stories. Today, for the millions of Armenians who live outside of their homeland, carrying their cultural identity, beliefs, and symbols close to their heart isn’t only important, it’s a necessary way of keeping the history of their people alive. By putting a modern, fresh take on traditional Armenian jewelry, we aim to offer pieces that will become jewelry box staples and can be passed down to a new generation of proud Armenians. 

Read on to discover the story behind our newest Armenian jewelry collection.



The Armenian Alphabet 

Personalized name jewelry is a trend that has stood the test of time. These necklaces, rings, and bracelets continue to be wear-everyday staples that can be dressed up or down. Another thing that has stood the test of time? The Armenian alphabet. To us, it only made sense to combine the two. Our Armenian jewelry collection features customizable name jewelry including everything from Armenian script initial rings in gold and silver to youthful nameplates accented with vibrant, colorful enamel. Every piece in the collection is designed in our workshop in Montreal, where we’re able to continuously innovate and experiment with new styles, colors, and designs. Whether you prefer something statement-making or understated, these pieces are a beautiful, meaningful way to give the Armenian alphabet, which was first introduced in 405 A.D., new life.



Traditional Armenian Symbols 

There are a number of symbols that Armenians hold near and dear that were reimagined into modern interpretations for this collection. The pomegranate is one of, if not the most, recognizable icons of the country, representing fertility, good fortune, and prosperity since ancient times. More contemporary additions to the lexicon of Armenian motifs include the forget-me-not-flower, which was designated the official remembrance emblem of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide in 2015. All of our Armenian jewelry pays homage to the origins of these cherished symbols while adding stylish touches and personalizable elements that will make them truly stand out.



Armenian Religious Motifs 

Faith is an incredibly important part of Armenian culture, and religious jewelry has long been regarded by both men and women alike as an essential part of any jewelry collection. As the first nation to adopt Christianity as the state religion, Armenians are proud of their beliefs and want their jewelry to reflect that. Our Armenian jewelry collection includes a piece of Armenian religious jewelry for everyone, from pavé stone-studded Armenian cross pendants to “khachkar” jewelry, dainty cross earrings, and more. By using state-of-the-art design techniques like laser cutting and 3D printing, we’ve remade these centuries-old icons to feel at home in any modern jewelry stack.

Stakora’s latest Armenian jewelry collection offers meaningful, expertly-crafted pieces made in Montreal, Canada that will allow you to wear your culture, beliefs, and heritage with pride. Shop the collection and discover a new favorite piece today.

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