Creating Jewelry Is Our Passion - Watch How We Do It:

The Mission

We believe that a piece of jewelry becomes infinitely more valuable when it has meaning. This belief is at the heart of our mission: creating pieces that allow you to express your culture, identity, relationships, and everything else that matters the most to you.

The Process

Everything starts at our workshop in Montreal, Canada, where all our pieces are conceptualized, designed and produced. Every order is handcrafted by us delivered straight to your doorstep. With this direct-to-you model, you can say goodbye to traditional retail prices, and hello to accessible fine jewelry.

The Materials

Making the jewelry ourselves means that we have full control over the quality of materials. Therefore, we can proudly guarantee that only 100% conflict-free, ethically sourced metals and stones are used in the crafting of every piece.

The Experience

Weโ€™re a different kind of jewelry store, providing a unique shopping experience. When you personalize a product on our website, our visualization technology will instantly show you a preview picture of your piece. This allows you to find the perfect font, metal or size options, before placing your order!

Frequently Asked About Us

Where are you located, and do you have a storefront?

Weโ€™re located in Montreal, Canada, where all our jewelry is handcrafted.ย  Currently, we donโ€™tย have a storefront, as all our jewelry is custom made when ordered.ย  This model offers the advantage of not having to carry any stock โ€“ allowing us to provide you the highest quality personalized jewelry, at genuinely affordable prices.

Where is your jewelry made and shipped from?

All our pieces are designed, handcrafted and shipped from our workshop in Montreal, Canada.

What are your manufacturing standards?

Making the jewelry ourselves means that we have full control over the quality of materials. We adhere to the highest quality standards of the jewelry manufacturing industry and take pride in the fact that only conflict-free, ethically sourced materials are used in the crafting of every piece of jewelry.

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