Behind The Design: Greek Jewelry Collection

Behind The Design: Greek Jewelry Collection

Philosophy, art, architecture, science – when it comes to some of the world’s most important inventions, we have Greece to thank. But there’s one piece of Greek history we can’t help but love the most: jewelry. Greek jewelry can be traced back to the fourth century B.C. when increasing wealth led to a higher demand for luxurious, ornate objects that could convey status.

At Stakora, we believe that every piece of jewelry becomes infinitely more valuable when it has meaning, and there’s no shortage of meaning in our newest Greek jewelry collection. Inspired by iconic Greek talismans, gods and goddesses, and culture, our designs put a modern, fresh twist on traditional Greek jewelry. Every necklace, ring, earring, and bracelet captures a piece of Greek heritage and is made to be passed down through generations. 

Keep reading to discover the stories behind our newest Greek jewelry collection.



Magical Mythology and Ancient Symbols  

Did you know that the evil eye charm, one of today’s most popular jewelry trends, can be traced back to Greece? In addition to using jewelry to convey wealth, ancient Greeks also wore pieces to ward off evil and honor the gods. Our collection includes fresh takes on evil eye pendants, earrings, rings, and bracelets that would look at home in any modern jewelry look. And when it comes to Greek mythology, we offer an array of contemporary takes on many traditional figures and stories, from Medusa’s fierce gaze to Athena’s wise owls. We combine these motifs with modern techniques like laser cutting and 3D printing to create pieces you won’t find anywhere else.



The Greek Alphabet 

You can’t have a modern jewelry collection without at least one piece that’s personalized with your name. Nameplate necklaces, rings, and bracelets continue to be jewelry box staples, and we’ve breathed new life into this always-trendy category with the Greek alphabet. Whether you want to personalize a necklace with your Greek name or adorn your finger with your Greek initial, our collection includes a customizable piece for every proud Greek. By offering pieces in sterling silver and solid gold as well as ones accented with colorful enamel, we aim to create a shopping experience that guarantees customers of all ages will find a piece they’ll love forever, no matter their style. All of our jewelry is handcrafted in our workshop in Montreal, Canada, allowing for endless experimentation and a continuously updated selection of designs, colors, and styles.



Greek Orthodox Icons

The Greek Orthodox cross is as unique as it is memorable. Featuring a floral pattern at the end of each arm, this ornate cross has held a permanent place in the country’s rich culture since the Greek Orthodox church was founded. Our Greek jewelry collection includes both traditional and modernized versions of the cross, available in pendants, earrings, and more. Whether you prefer a simple ring featuring a flat, unadorned Greek Orthodox cross design or a pavé stone-studded pendant, there is something for everyone. 

Stakora’s latest Greek jewelry collection offers meaningful, expertly-crafted pieces made in Montreal, Canada that will allow you to wear your culture, beliefs, and heritage with pride. Shop the collection and discover a new favorite piece today.

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